Netflix is offering limited free access to several original series and movies as a promotional offer to compete with other OTT platforms and attract potential customers

List of shows and movies Available



Netflix Watch Free

We make several accounts on several websites for several different purposes generaly using email ids for creating those accounts

But we keep on coming accross news that there was a data breach on a website, it scares us when we also had account on it, it is always preferable to change the password after this kind of attack

Some hackers also paste your passwords and card details on open sources

To get to know if there was any data leak about your account on any website

Use the below servises, just give your Email Id and scan

Firefox Monitor uses servises from

But if you want to avoid captcha use firefox Monitor

Problem statement

As you all know that Phishing attacks are getting more and more advanced, just checking the address bar isn’t enough now as hackers now use unicode and other languages to make the website look same in address bar

There is a chance that you miss out checking thoroughly if you are in a hurry.

Solution for Google accounts


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